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Dr. Pradipto Bandyopadhyay presents his credentials...
Dr. Pradipto Bandyopadhyay has written many books and articles The names of these books etc. and their publishers have been given in the succeeding paragraphs:

PUBLICATIONS            The following Publishers  have published the books:

                                    1) B.R.Publishing Corporation,

                                         4737-A23, Main Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi 110002

                                         E-mail: brpc@vsnl.com Tel: 011-23259196.011-23259648  

                                     2)Publications Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

                                           Soochna Bhavan,  New Delhi—110003

                                     3) M.C.Sarkar & Sons Private Limited

                                             14 Bankim Chatterjee Street,


                                       4) B.Jain Publishers Private Limited,

                                           1921 Chuna Mandi, Paharganj, New Delhi 110055

                                             E-mail:  info@bjain.com. Tel: 011- 45671000



                                           1)Leadership among the Mizos -An Emerging Dimension:

                                             New Delhi:  1985.

                            The second edition was published under a new name: Mizo Leadership

                           in 2004 by BRPC, New Delhi.

                                             2) Natha Cult and Mahanad --A Study in Syncretism, New                                                



  3) Contributed Chapters to the following books:

                                  a) The Tribes of North-East India: editedby S. Karotemprel:


  b)  Electoral Politics in North East India : edited by P.S.Datta,                          

       New Delhi:1986.                                                    

                                c)  Land Relations in North East India : ed. By B.B.Datta and  

                                     N.Karna , New Delhi:1987.

                                    d)  Linguistic Situation in North East India: ed by  Mrinal Miri:                

                                     Shillong: 1982.        
                                    e) Perspective of Security and Developmentin North East India:

                                     ed by S.K.Agnihotri and B.Datta Ray: New Delhi :2005.

                                    4) Assessing Media Impact: A Note ---An article published in the

                                     Journal of North East India Council for Social Science Research:

                                     Vol.9 No.2 October 1985.


5) Edited the centenary Volume of ‘Go-Jivan’, a book written by

                                      the Editor’s Grand Father , Dr. Pravash Chandra Bandyopadhyay.


                                    6)  The Mizo Leadership: New Delhi: 2004

                                 7) The Bangladesh Dichotomy and Politicisation of Culture: New


                                 8) The North East Saga: Publications Division, Govt. of India:  New


                                 9) Bina Rekhaar  Path --Manaswi Pravash Chandra and  

                                     Samakaalin  Bangasamaj: Kolkata: 2005

                                10)Translated French poems in Bangla in the volume-‘Farasi Kavitar

                                     Ekaal’ edited by Ashis Sanyal and Priti Sanyal.Kolkata: 2005.

11) Published numerous articles on current affairs.

12) Wrote poems in English and Bangla in various journals.

13) Sei Aakashmallika,  a collection of poems in Bangla , 2006.

14) Translated poems of Walt Whitman in Bangla.

15)Contributed to a collection of  short poems in Bangla,2006.

                                    16) Edited ‘Mahanad ba Banglar Gupta Itihas’a book of history on

                                      Bengal (2007) by the Editor’s Grandfather , Dr. Pravash.Chandra


                                 17) RADIO COMMUNICATION AT CLOSE RANGE

                                           B.R.PUBLISHING CORPORATION, New Delhi 2010.

                           Latest publications n Bangla

                               18)   Kaler Bhelay Cooch Beharer Saat Katha

                                 19)   Santali Bhasa and Rabindra Bhabner Du Ek Katha

                                                 (M.C.Sarkar and Sons  Private Limited, Kolkata)

                         20)     Media Management ---A Mirage?

                                           An article published in  GANAMADHYAMBARTA,--June –September issue 2010, Ganamadhyam Kendra, Govt. Of West Bengal, KOLKATA.

                        21) Media Support to MDGs ---An Analysis. Presented at the National Seminar on  Folk Media & Sustainable Development  in the North –East  at the Department of Mass Communication  ,Assam University, SILCHAR , Assam. (FEBRUARY 17-18. 2011.).


(22)  Audience Research in All India Radio: Why,How and What

                 An article published in  Media Mimansa:  Vol. 4.No.1: July-September, 2010.  Journal of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism & Communication, Bhopal. The focal theme of the issue : Communication Research.

(23)  Review of the book ‘Other Voices The Struggle for Community Radio in India.’ : Vinod Pavarala and Kanchan K. Malik.

              Published in Global Media journal, India Edition, an online Journal , issue July , 2010.

(24) Review of the book ‘ The Rights and Wrongs of It. The Right to Information , ed. By Bhabesh Das & Rajiv K, Bhattacharyya, Published in Global Media Journal, Indian Edition, an Online Journal,issue  December, 2010.

(25) Citizens’ Voice and Convergence of Media Policy;   Inaugural speech delivered  at the National Seminar on GLOBALISATION AND LOCALISATION IN MEDIA—TRENDS AND PROSPECTS held at the Department of Mass Communication , University of North Bengal on 26-27th March, 2010.

26) Radio Communication in Development Paradigm.      An Article  published in the  Prasar Bharati Souvenir entitled ‘ Namaste’ released on the occasion of the 48th Asia Pacific Broadcasting  Union’s (ABU) General Assembly on 7th November,2011 in New Delhi.

Dr. Prodipto Bandyopadhyay at his residence in Kolkata.

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